What makes a good Chemo Care pack ?

Care Pack Chemotherapy Care Pack Fighting the BIG C

A chemo care pack is a thoughtful and practical gift for someone undergoing chemotherapy. It can help provide comfort and support during a challenging time.

Based on our cancer journey we have compiled a list of items we found useful, these have also been the inspiration behind our care pack. Here are some items that could make a good chemo care pack. 

Soft and cozy blanket or shawl: Chemotherapy can sometimes cause chills and make patients feel cold, so a soft blanket or shawl can help keep them warm and provide comfort. we used a weighted blanket for our son that he loved. 

Water bottle: Staying hydrated is important during chemotherapy, so a reusable water bottle can be a practical and useful item to include in a chemo care pack.

Comfortable socks: Chemotherapy can cause peripheral neuropathy, a condition that affects the nerves in the extremities and can cause tingling or numbness in the feet and hands. Soft, comfortable socks  can provide warmth and comfort to soothe the feet. Comfy socks are found in our small care packs.


Headscarf or hat: Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy, so a headscarf or hat can help protect the scalp from sun exposure and provide a sense of comfort and style. These are personal preferences, we didn't use them too much but were great to have around on cold days.  

Lip balm, moisturizing lotion & hand creams: Chemotherapy can sometimes cause dryness of the skin and lips, so lip balm and moisturizing lotion can help keep the skin hydrated and relieve discomfort. We used a range of these and still do as even post chemo skin is very dry. We have a range of these in out gift boxes to too. 

Relaxing gift box

Puzzle books or other forms of entertainment: Chemotherapy sessions can be long and sometimes boring, so puzzle books, magazines, or other forms of entertainment such as playing cards or a favorite book can help pass the time.

Snacks: Chemotherapy can affect appetite and taste buds, so including some healthy and easy-to-eat snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, or crackers in the care pack can provide nourishment and convenience. Peckish thins are highly recommended for their salt and starch. 

A journal or notebook: Many people find comfort in writing during difficult times, so a journal or notebook can provide an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and reflections. ( this was out inspiration behind the happy box)

Comforting items: Items such as a soft teddy bear, a stress-relief ball, or a comforting scent like lavender essential oil can provide emotional comfort during chemotherapy. We took lots of pictures and drawings to stick on the hospital walls. and lots of comfy clothes. 

Wheat bag: A wheat bag, which can be heated in the microwave, can provide soothing warmth to achy muscles or provide comfort during treatment sessions. we have a range for wheat bag & soothing eye pillows after finding them so helpful. 


Candle: A scented candle can create a calming and comforting atmosphere in the hospital room or at home, helping to create a sense of relaxation and tranquility. We have a range of candles we have tested and enjoyed .. Serenity and happy days are the most popular ones for our care packs. 

Remember to consider the individual preferences and needs of the person receiving the chemo care pack, and tailor it to their specific situation. The items listed above are all ones we used during our families cancer journey. 

Providing comfort, practicality, and emotional support can go a long way in helping someone feel cared for during their chemotherapy journey. So, consider these suggestions as a starting point and add any other items that you think would be meaningful to the person undergoing chemotherapy. Always consult with healthcare professionals for specific medical advice or concerns.

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