Luxe Bohemian Reed Diffusers - Dusty Pink
Luxe Bohemian Reed Diffusers - Dusty Pink

Luxe Bohemian Reed Diffusers - Dusty Pink

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Add a Reed Diffuser to your home for continuous, flame-less fragrance. Our bohemian reed diffuser sets feature stunning geometric pattern frosted glass bottles, with natural reed sticks. Each bottle holds 200ml of hand-crafted fragrance and lasts over 12 months.

Upon receiving your reed diffuser, open the bottle and insert the reeds to release the beautiful scent. As the reeds soak up the fragrance, it diffuses into the air. Flip the reeds once a week for best results. Our reed diffusers are handmade in Melbourne, Australia.
Dimensions – 100mm (w) x 140mm (h)

If you would like a custom fragrance in your reed diffuser please please email and we can advise you on our complete fragrance offering. 

** Product/Reeds may discolour due to the high Vanillian content of fragrance. This will not affect use.

• Do not use near flame or heat and Do not light the diffuser reeds.
• Ensure your diffuser is placed out of reach of children and pets.
• Ensure your diffuser is in an area it will not be knocked over and away from electrical appliances.
• Do not place the diffuser on a fragile and varnished surface once they have been diffused in fragrances.
• If split, clean the area immediately as the liquid can damage surfaces.

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